1st draft, chapter one, “The Trip”

This was my initial free written draft of the beginning of “The Trip”  Nov 3, 2012.


The Trip


“Are we gonna do this?  Now?  Really?  Finally? ”

“After all this time, after all the planning, after all the non-planning, after all the hopes and dreams shattered and tossed away… after almost giving up on life itself (I was being just a little bit the drama queen)… we’re going to do this thing?  Now?”



“Well yeah,” Dave said, “you’re still up for it, right?”

“I can’t freak’n believe it”, I practically shouted at him, carefully not dropping the ‘F’ bomb.  “We’ve been planning this since we were ten, over ten flipping years ago… and we were ‘supposed’ to do it three years ago!  We haven’t talked about this for all of those three years… and now, NOW you’re ready?”

“Well yeah, you’re still up for it, right?”

“Jesus frosty Christ yeah I’m still up for it!”

“Do you have the gun?”


“Do   YOU   have   the   GUN?”

“What?? Dave what the flip are you talking about??

“The gun.”

“What gun?”

“You know,” he whispered, “the gun…”

“What the flaming hell are you talking about?”

“The gun”.

Now I WAS yelling, “What flapping dang gun are you talking about?”

He shrugged, “I dunno, it’s just some dumb movie quote or something, you just seemed so excited.”

“You’re an ass”.

<Shrug> “Okay.  So…  you up for this?”


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