Stella II


This is Stella.

This is Stella.

“Stella!  STELLA!” – Marlon Brando as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire

Bella Stella.  That’s the song I sing to our little girl Aussie.  Bella Stella – Beautiful Star.  And she is.  Stella was born on my birthday in 2008.  I didn’t know her then.  We picked her up from a breeder in the San Francisco Bay area when she was about 3 months old.  But I was sure that our sharing a birthday was a good sign.

Please stop taking my picture!

Please stop taking my picture!

At the time, I was hesitant to get another Blue Merle girl after losing our Matty.  The hole left by Matty was still too deep and raw…Matty had only been gone a year.  But the Spouse needed to fill that hole more quickly.  He had always had a Blue Merle girl in his house and he felt that it would help ease Bruin and Abby’s grief it there was a puppy in the house.

Also, the Spouse was interested in competing in agility with a young dog.  At that time, we had friends that competed and we enjoyed hanging out with them.  He was very interested in getting more involved and I’m just more interested in anything he likes to do.


In the hotel the weekend we brought her home.

My first sighting of Stella (then named Sissy) was of this little ball of puppy power running up a hill with her brother Ace and her sister, also named, Sissy.  She was in the lead and had this giant grin on her face as she headed straight for us.  She would be a great agility dog.   And she is!  When she and the Spouse started agility, she became a star.  She loves to run and jump and weave and win.

Clara, the breeder, had met with the Spouse the day before when he first came to see Stella.  As they chatted like old friends, Stella and I checked each other out.  Later, we sat on the deck with her.  She wiggled between the two of us while Ace climbed all over us and the other Sissy stayed to one side.  Ace was a little too friendly and Sissy Two was too shy…but Stella was just right.

Shy Baby Stella

Shy Baby Stella

Now we had to decide on a name.  We had two names that we liked but we weren’t sure which one was right.  To decide, we sat at opposite sides of the deck with Stella between us.  I called out one name and the Spouse called out the other.  I remember her looking from one to the other, but when she heard the name Stella, she came wiggling over.  Stella she was!

There was some adjustment at first but eventually the two older dogs accepted her.  When she first met Bruin, she nipped in him the nose and he was intimidated by her.  And then Abby, our deaf girl with food issues, went after Stella at one point and scared Stella a little bit.  But within a few weeks the dynamic was set and Stella came out on top.  To this day, she is the pack leader.

Stella and Mama

Stella and Mama

I feel Stella has helped our house heal from the loss of Matty.  There are times when we mistakenly call her Matty, but she comes anyway.  She’s a cuddler and she loves to give us kisses like all our dogs.  And where Matty had beautiful two tone eyes of brown and blue, Stella has light amber colored eyes.  There’s a definite difference in how she looks at us.

But Stella is funny and exuberant.  She’s got her dopey dog moments and her stubborn streak.  She loves doggy cookies but hates to have her nails trimmed.  And she doesn’t like loud noises.  She’ll let you brush her all day long, but in the car — please don’t turn on the windshield wipers.

Car Ride!

Car Ride!

She is our Bella Stella.

Our tiny, furry Beautiful Star.






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