Bruin – more

Bruin – guest written by the wife.

This is Bruin.

This is Bruin.

Bruin is a black tri Australian Shepherd.  I didn’t want a boy dog when we got him.  Our friend’s dog was expecting puppies and I wanted a black tri girl to go with our blue merle girl.  I didn’t like boy dogs.  They hump.  I had a bad experience with a dog that belonged to a cousin…and from then on, I didn’t really like boy dogs.
When our friend called us the night that Bruin was born, she sounded tired and hesitant.  “I’ve got six healthy puppies,” she said.  We were thrilled for her.  But then she said, “…five blue merles and ONE black tri…a boy.”
To say I was disappointed was an understatement.  But then we went and visited with him.  He was three days old.  His eyes were closed and his ears were sealed, but he was adorable.  I was in love.  So much in love that I rubbed him on my sweater so he’d remember my scent and whispered to him, “Don’t forget me.”
He’s been my boy ever since.  He came home with us when he was 10 week old and he’s dominated my heart since then.  He’s the sweetest, smartest and most gentle boy ever.  He so completely changed my attitude about boy dogs, that three years ago we got another boy, Bode.
Bruin (also known as Quapaw’s Lil Bear on Campus) sleeps next to my side of the bed, cuddles with me on the sofa on rainy days, always greets me with a happy song bark and never misses a chance to go for a walk or a ride in the car.
I really believe that things happen to you for a reason.  I think that Bruin chose me because he knew that I needed help getting over my dislike of boy dogs.  (As an aside, I think the Spouse chose me to help me get over my dislike of boy people.)  I think that Bruin was the only black tri in his litter because he didn’t want to take a chance that I’d miss the message — he was mine.
He is mine.  :)

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