Bode II

Bode – from the wife’s page

This is Bode

This is Bode


Smiling Bode

In our house, Bode is referred to as our Dog of Joy.  He is one happy pup…and his antics make everyone around him happy.  He barks, he sings, he talks…dances, jumps, sprints and wiggles his way into everyone’s heart.  But he can be loud.  He loves to bark.  I mean LOVES to bark.  I have been known to worry that folks won’t be able to see his personality through all the barking.  But somehow, he does manage to charm everyone he meets.

Bode was a fat baby.  When his doggy mama, Bella, was pregnant, she was as big as a house.  Everyone was sure she was going to have at least five pups.  From all the feet kicking around inside of her…it was a sure thing.  But no.  There was just Bode and his brother, Baylor.  And they got all their mama’s attention, love…and milk.


Tiny Baby Bode

Bode was so fat that we were concerned that he’d live his life on the sofa.  Never moving.  Just a big giant furry slug.  As a baby, he would just lie around all day, drink milk and veg out.  He looked like a little lima bean.  Who would have thought that he would grow up so tall and lean with energy to burn?


Bode…still looking like a guinea pig at this point.

Because of Mr. Exuberance, our house is the noisiest house on the street.  Even noisier than the house down the road with FIVE kids under the age of 8.  Bode-Star (another nickname) goes top speed from the second the sky starts to lighten until bed time.  He is always the first in every room, the first through every door and the first to show you the way.  He will race you from the car, down the hallway and his head will definitely hit your pillow before yours.

I can’t imagine a life not tripping over an Aussie.  And I don’t even want to think about a time when Bode’s not sitting on his stool at the breakfast bar watching me cook or sharing my breakfast.

Sleeping Bode

Sleeping Bode

We know that some folks might feel that our dogs have too much freedom in the house.  They are our companions.  I would no longer think of walking the yard without one of the dogs anymore than I would think of not walking the yard without the Spouse.  It’s who we are.  We are a pack onto ourselves.  And Bode?  We’ll he’s our spokesdog.

Our Handsome Boy

Our Handsome Boy


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