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My post on CtW

Crackin' The WIP

By P.A.Thompson

I’m sure you’ve all noticed I’ve been sort of ‘off and on’ with my posts here. I know I’ve let down my loyal followers and I’m sorry for that.

And now back to the real world.

I am excited. I’m at the point where I can actually ‘smell’ the end of the first draft of my WiP, Dog Tags: The Dog. Or some title similar to that… I guess that’s the working title.

Being a ‘Pantser’, or as us sophisticated pantser types like to call it: “A Developmental Writer”, I’ve been struggling through the middle part of my story. I’ve always had the ending scenes in my head, but these are the scenes that tie up, hopefully, the various pieces of the story. And I’ve had a vague feeling for how the ‘bad guy’ gets taken down, before the wrap up at the finish.

But, my story isn’t…

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