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Whidbey Island Writers Conference: Day 1 – AM

My latest…

Crackin' The WIP

By P.A.Thompson

How did you spend your weekend?

On Wednesday, after much twitching, I decided to go to my first Writers Conference. Whidbey Island is about three hours north of me, and is beautiful. I was going back and forth about going, it’s not cheap, but finally my wife told me, “Go, it’s your birthday present.” And I gave in.

Best present ever! The conference started on Friday and went through Sunday morning. This post will describe my first day, Friday in the AM. I’ll cover the rest of the weekend in later posts. And, this will be a summary, with more detailed comments in later posts.

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Latest post.

Crackin' The WIP

By P.A.Thompson

I have a few things spinning around in my head today, and I’m not sure where this will go.

I’ve been thinking about my writing environment and how to improve my productivity. This was actually planted in my head by my wife. “We’ve got to get you a more private area to write.”

But that’s not really the issue. It’s just FOCUS. I can only write on a computer, so going to a coffee shop and writing by hand doesn’t work for me. I have a laptop I could take, but the call of the internet seems to be irresistible. And there’s the problem, the internet.

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My latest writing blog post: Questions

Crackin' The WIP

By P.A.Thompson

Keith M. posed these questions in his last blog post:

a) Do I want to publish my work? Or am I just writing for my own fun and enjoyment?

b) Finding time, when I have the motivation to write. And finding motivation when I have time to write.

c) Do I have a voice? If so, what is it? Do I need a better-defined voice?

d) Do I have the skills necessary to put together a great piece of written work? Am I good enough? Am I getting any better?

This made me think, (yes, I know, an unusual occurrence). These, I believe, are common thoughts to most beginning writers.

Here are some of my answers:

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