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Death: The Final Frontier

My latest blog post…

Crackin' The WIP

By P.A.Thompson

I like this picture. Both for how Keith M. used it and for my subject ‘Death’.

I started this post a couple of weeks ago and the intent was to talk about dealing with death in your writing. I had written a couple of clever paragraphs, but I somehow managed to lose them.

Death. A dark subject and not a subject that’s easy to talk about. Why do I need to talk about it here? My WiP’s main character (MC) is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan. He lost all of his close friends there and his mother died in an accident while he was overseas. He has to deal with death.

He finds a dog that helps him. Or, the dog finds him.

So, my MC is fighting grief, PTSD, and life.

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