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Life Happens

From the writers’ blog I contribute to.

Crackin' The WIP

By P.A.Thompson

Yes, this is a blog about writing by ‘new’ writers. But, this post won’t be too much about writing, it’s about Life. So, this post is about writing because writing is life, or you write about life, or Life Happens.

This morning we decided to head out to the gym before breakfast. It’s been wet weather here for the last day or so and the wife couldn’t go for her walk – so an unplanned morning at the gym for the three of us, wife driving, me riding shotgun and the kid (24) trying to wake up in the back seat.

We come up on this corner from E. Summa to take a right on S Tower. Now that picture was taken at the end of a very dry summer and shows no grass by the Enterprise rent-a-car. Today, it is a lush grassy corner.

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Setting in the everyday world.

My post on ‘Settings’ on our writer’s blog.

Crackin' The WIP

By P.A.Thompson

It’s ‘Setting’ week on Crackin’ the WiP.

Unlike most of my fellow bloggers/writers on this blog, I don’t have world building to do – or world borrowing. My WiP is not in the fantasy or science fiction category, it takes place in contemporary times. I have two places of interest: Afghanistan and Washington State, USA.

So what I’ll focus on here is scene setting. Afghanistan, so far, is mostly quick flashbacks and implied references. Washington is the here and now. Having a setting is good in the beginning of sections, letting the reader know where and when we are.

The current first paragraph (it used to be the second) of my WiP:

Marty hated driving at night now. Willie had died driving their LMTV on a night like this – no moon, clear, stars glittering like muzzle flashes. But that was months ago and thousands of miles…

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If I Write in Secret…Am I Still a “Writer?”

A guest blog by the spouse

Crackin' The WIP

I may be the luckiest man in the world. I have a spouse that is talented, smart, imaginative, beautiful, and seems to like me and the dogs. And she can pound out a guest blog at a moments notice. P.A.Thompson

By Lee Bradbury

A Seasonal Haiku

Birds chirp a medley
Spy a purple crocus bud
Daffodils arrive

Frizz in the hairdo
Sweating along the hat line
Sticky weather now

Frosted pumpkin patch
ghouls, ghosts, goblins in the leaves
Thanksgiving is near

Crystalline whiteness
Crunching snow beneath my boots
A breath can be seen

I don’t write haikus. I don’t particularly like to read them. But in one of my writing classes, our instructor asked us to write a haiku and submit it. I wrote mine (above) in about three minutes. I just wanted to get it over with and submit it.

After submitting it, something…

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