Guest Blog: Too Good To Be True?

From our writers blog…

Crackin' The WIP

By Lee Bradbury

They say you should write what you know. I agree with that. I feel you can truly write believable dialogue if you “know” your characters. And you can convey a true sense of place if you’ve actually vacationed in a rain forest, lived in a small town or visited the south of France.

This is just my opinion, of course, but I tend to write about the many towns and cities where I’ve lived and my stories are always sprinkled with actual people I’ve lived with, laughed with and loved.

That’s my dilemma.

I have a story that includes a character that is witty, thoughtful, and kind. He makes my MC feel safe and adored and loved. The dialogue between the two of them is fast paced, funny and intelligent. I absolutely revel in how they interact and how their mutual affection for each other comes through.

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