Beginnings: What gets you hooked on a story?

This is what I wrote on our group writers blog today…

Crackin' The WIP

By: P.A.Thompson

Aside from providing the first steps of a long path, a beginning has one overriding purpose: to draw the reader into the story and to hold him – Doyle McKim – Lewis County Writers Guild

I started thinking about beginnings the other day, probably because I started doing an edit of my Chapter One of ‘The Dog’. I had just finished updating Chapter Four and put it in my queue for critique. (If you want to see ‘The Dog’ and are a Critique Circle member, click here.) I have some new people in my queue so I wanted to update my earlier chapters.

Anyway, beginnings. What gets you hooked into a story? I looked up some lists of “best first lines” and picked out some that caught my attention. I’m not saying these are the best, just that they caught my attention. Some sites analyze these lines…

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