What does the Dog say? Woofity-woof-woof-barkity-bark-bark

What I wrote about my WiP on our writers blog…

Crackin' The WIP

Continuing with Theme Week: Characters Edition, I will talk about the dog in my WiP, ‘The Dog’. And maybe some about Marty, the guy the dog finds.

By:      P.A.Thompson

The title of my WiP is ‘The Dog’.  And here we are with the star of our show, The Dog.

An Aussie An Aussie

The Dog is here, sitting in front of me.  She’s a blue merle female Australian Shepherd.  I know she’s a female because of her slight build and the lighter bone structure of her head, also because I read the first chapter.  She looks very similar to the dog in the picture here ——->

Let’s begin the interview.

Me:  How does it feel to be that star of your own story?

The Dog:  <Pants. Watches me, no other movement>

Me:  Hmmm, let’s try a better question.  Where do you come from?  People wonder…

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