Is my subconscious a better writer?

My post on our writer’s blog.

Crackin' The WIP

by P.A.Thompson

I had a chat with some fellow writers recently about a female character in my WIP.  I got some varied opinions of course.  Some thought she was shallow; some thought she was unprofessional; and others liked her (okay, just one person).

So, of course, as writers do, I thought about her and how I wanted her to be.   I wasn’t really sure.  As I’ve said before, this whole story has been ‘pantsed’ – It started from a writing prompt and since I liked the characters I created, I decided to expand the story.  I still had no idea where it might go.

I’d read my original short to a real life critique group that I belong to and they liked it.  As time went on, I shared the re-writes and expanded the story.  Then my MC ran into a girl.   They had some interaction and he moved…

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