“A writer should create living people; people, not characters.”

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Crackin' The WIP

By    D.M. Gutierrez

The rest of that quote by Ernest Hemingway is: “A character is a caricature.”

Ernest Hemingway (courtesy of Photobucket)

And this is what I’ve been struggling with since I began work on my WIP, Sylvellin Sending, back in 2010.  Sylvellin started out as a caricature of a 16-year-old girl—and what a bore she was.  When I first ran Chapter One through the Critique Circle critique queues, I inevitably received responses like “Doesn’t this girl do anything but read?”, “Doesn’t she have any strong likes or dislikes?”, “What is her opinion on what’s going on around her?”, i.e., “Why should I read on?”

But, I explained, I couldn’t have Syl shouting at her dog Frisal, or demanding her father’s attention, or slapping a horrid parrot into next week! That wouldn’t be nice. I wanted to like her; I wanted readers to like her. She had…

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