Oh! What a Year!

From a writers blog I participate in. This writer started the thread of “A year ago” and we have both expanded our response and blogged it.

Crackin' The WIP

By S.A. Spencer

February 20, 2014, four days ago, marked one year since I committed to writerhood.

I read my first lesson of “How to Write Fiction like a Pro,” an online class by Steve Alcorn through ed2go.com—an “aha” moment. I wanted more. I signed up for his next course, “Advanced Fiction Writing.” Over the past year, I’ve read “How to Write” books and blogs, and taken more classes.

Another matter entirely is knowing how to apply the craft to my writing. I joined CritiqueCircle.com and a face-to-face writing group. I’ve critiqued others stories and received critiques, which hit my gut hard, but when I recover I’ve made progress. I’m not the only one who can see the speck in another’s eye but not the log in my own. We laugh about it together — a lot. It helps us grow. The key is to critique and write times a…

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