I am a Writer

But I would love to be an author.

I read recently an opinion on the difference between a writer and an author.

To paraphrase (because I can’t find the exact quote):  “As soon as you’ve written the first word of your novel, you’re a writer.  When you’ve been published, you are an author.”

This struck me as an interesting concept.  I am a writer.

Bode with iPadI’m working to become an author.

So, I’m learning the craft of writing.  I’m taking classes, reading books, and submitting my writing to be critiqued.

This post is brief, as I have other writing to do this morning, but I wanted to kick this blog back into life.  I apologize, to you my readers, and to myself, for letting this sit inactive for so long.

I will have more tomorrow.

It’s good to see you again.



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