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Oh! What a Year!

From a writers blog I participate in. This writer started the thread of “A year ago” and we have both expanded our response and blogged it.

Crackin' The WIP

By S.A. Spencer

February 20, 2014, four days ago, marked one year since I committed to writerhood.

I read my first lesson of “How to Write Fiction like a Pro,” an online class by Steve Alcorn through—an “aha” moment. I wanted more. I signed up for his next course, “Advanced Fiction Writing.” Over the past year, I’ve read “How to Write” books and blogs, and taken more classes.

Another matter entirely is knowing how to apply the craft to my writing. I joined and a face-to-face writing group. I’ve critiqued others stories and received critiques, which hit my gut hard, but when I recover I’ve made progress. I’m not the only one who can see the speck in another’s eye but not the log in my own. We laugh about it together — a lot. It helps us grow. The key is to critique and write times a…

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Where was I a year ago? Writing.

A year ago…

I had been working on my first story for three months. It had  started with Nano.

I hadn’t started my first writing class. So that story’s writing was not good. But, I’m going to go back to it at sometime. And re-do. Or maybe take pieces out and use them as short stories.

I was involved with a writers guild here, and had started going to face to face critique meetings twice a month.

I was still 6 months away from becoming involved on Critique Circle. A friend from my first writing class, Lanyn, invited me to a thread in those forums – where I met fellow beginning writers. I had joined CC in January but didn’t interact till then.  Now it’s my main writing interaction- I drop in every day.

I truly sucked as a writer. But the help I’ve gotten from other writers has been amazing.

I am a Writer

But I would love to be an author.

I read recently an opinion on the difference between a writer and an author.

To paraphrase (because I can’t find the exact quote):  “As soon as you’ve written the first word of your novel, you’re a writer.  When you’ve been published, you are an author.”

This struck me as an interesting concept.  I am a writer.

Bode with iPadI’m working to become an author.

So, I’m learning the craft of writing.  I’m taking classes, reading books, and submitting my writing to be critiqued.

This post is brief, as I have other writing to do this morning, but I wanted to kick this blog back into life.  I apologize, to you my readers, and to myself, for letting this sit inactive for so long.

I will have more tomorrow.

It’s good to see you again.