Writing – what does it mean when…

Good Morning.

I’ve been working on my story.  I get to chapter seven and I have the outline of what I want in my head.  “Suzanne comes home and needs to talk to her parents about her ex getting out of prison and showing up.”

Her parents run a general store in a small town and live in the apt. above it.

I get stuck trying to write a description of the store.  Too much or too little… woof.  I skip it for now after a week.

I get stuck trying to write a description of their apartment.  Then, I think I write too much.

The dialog hangs me up… even thought I pretty much know what I want to say.

I set a deadline because I want to read this chapter at my critique group.

I rush it to finish and try a couple of new things.  I have no time to review it, wife had no time to review.  I go to critique with trepidation, my dog.  Not really my dog.

I mean to explain to everyone that this is a first draft… but I get nervous and forget.

I read, stumbling over parts I feel badly need fixing.  I almost feel embarrassed.

I finish and wait for the flak.

General trend of critique… best chapter I’ve read so far…


What should I take from this?



One thought on “Writing – what does it mean when…

  1. Sandy

    Am I being misunderstood and getting chewed up and spit out on our mutual thread or am I oversensitive? Or am I being a jerk and deserve it? BTW Capitola is a beautiful place to take pictures.


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