Another writing tip, for writers.

From Doyle McKim, Lewis County Writers Guild.


Writing Tip of the Week: Remember Viewpoint

Most of us know that a character cannot remain in viewpoint and see the glint of his own eyes, or the blush of her own cheeks. We must also remember that a character cannot remain in viewpoint if he or she assumes terms or situations outside their realm of knowledge. If you were writing a novel set during the civil war, you would hardly say that your character took cover behind a boulder the size of a Volkswagen bus.

Beware the more subtle. A girl from Chicago might find it romantic to watch a cowboy ride his golden stallion into the sunset, but how does she know a stallion from a gelding? Would she know a hillside covered with pine from one covered with fir? a rifle from a shotgun? Of course it’s more descriptive to write in detail rather than generalities, just remember your viewpoint and the knowledge, or lack of it, you want your character to show.  The better we know that, the better we know the character.


2 thoughts on “Another writing tip, for writers.

  1. Kev

    So true. Research is the key! It’s like when I want to use a word that I normally don’t use; I always double check. Is this really the word I want to use. I double check its definition and look to see if it means more than one thing and if so how it is used.

    1. PAT Post author

      Exactly! If your reader is zooming through the story and suddenly they stop and think “that’s not right”, it’s a problem. If it happens a few times, they may get disgusted or annoyed and stop reading…


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