Well, well.

No, I don’t need water.

I apologize for letting this blog sit unused.  I became addicted, as many are, to writing here and counting the hits.

I had to break the addiction.

I did.

And now I am dipping my toe in.  I would say carefully but that is implied by dipping.

I have been taking writing classes, attending critique sessions, writing and editing my own work.

I still need to write more.  I want to focus on my story, The Dog, and get it done.

After the four chapters I’ve posted here I decided to change the story and switch from 1st person to 3rd person limited POV.  It took a lot of re-writing.  That also enabled me to improve the story.

So… I will post my new/re-written chapters here soon and anyone who looked before, please read and comment.


Thanks for your patience.


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