A good meal starts a good day, right?

Since we’re planning all this work we decided on a big breakfast.

But ended up with breakfast burritos, home style.

Started by heating up some apple chicken sausage, mixed in a few eggs to scramble, with garlic pepper.  Then came the grated sharp cheddar cheese.  Heated the flour tortillas on the stove, heaped the mix onto the tortilla, topped off with picante sauce and sour cream for me.  Rolled and served with fresh coffee and OJ.

Yum… ready for the day now.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast…

  1. museconfuse

    Oooh breakfast burritos. Never thought of making them for breakfast before. I should add those to my repertoire

  2. PAT Post author

    Yeppers, first time I had one was at work when they supplied food because we had a crisis. Had to recreate at home to show the wife!


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