A yard work day

It’s finally dry enough and nice enough and everyone is feeling good enough to start our spring yard work.

Front Porch fence and vines.

Front Porch fence and vines.

You can see the grass in front is out of control.  It’s so long that we had to go buy a two bin bagger for our lawn tractor.  Usually we just let it mulch the grass, but there is way too much.

Front lawn, right side.

Front lawn, right side.

The wife has put started the spring decorations.  Here’s the front porch.

Front porch box, with real watering can.

Front porch box, with real watering can.


So today is a lot of grass cutting.  The lawn tractor is running fine.  Believe it or not I’ve already made two quick passes at the front lawn this year.  I have to assemble and attach the new two bin bagger.


The regular mower needs a tune up to get it running smoothly.


The weed wacker needs new gas and new cutting string.


I’m going to need a new back after today.

Also on the list is setting up the bird stations on the knoll.




A couple of bird feeders with patio mix.  A sock and a feeder with thistle, and our custom tray with squirrel mix for the Jays and squirrels.



Back yard.

Back yard.








I think the back yard can grow some more before cutting.


Have a great day everyone!!





2 thoughts on “A yard work day

    1. PAT Post author

      We thought about getting a llama with a couple of minions (sheep or goats), but haven’t followed through on that yet.


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