Ok, trying to organize – Chapter One – The Dog

This is trying to organize, I’ll post by chapter as as I write.  These are first draft’s.

I’ll have links to the pages also in the chapter.

The Dog – Chapter One

The Dog

I stood at the gas pump, hit the button for the cheap stuff, and let out a sigh.  It had been too long between stops.  Dark clouds hung low and the air felt stale; it smelled like dirty rain and old gasoline.  I locked the nozzle on full, leaned against the camper shell, and that’s when I saw the dog.  She trotted around the back end of my truck, sat down on the other side of the hose and gave me the look.

She held her head tilted, her eyes were bright and unblinking, and her ears stood at attention, though the tips folded over.  She looked young and clean, delicate but not small, around thirty five pounds I guessed.  Her appearance mesmerized me.  She had brown eyes that sparkled from a spattering of light blue chips.  Her merle coloring with copper highlights on her face enhanced those eyes.  A ribbon of white fur ran from the patch on top of her head, between those eyes, to her full white muzzle.  It had been a damp day, spitting rain at times, but she was dry.

The loud clank from the nozzle shutting off jolted me from our connection; she didn’t appear to notice, she kept watching me.  I removed the nozzle and replaced it in the pump, screwed my gas cap back on and secured the little door.  She sat there and watched me the entire time.

“So, what cha doin’?” I asked her.

Her lips parted and she gave me a small smile; she started panting very slowly, her eyes locked on mine.  It wasn’t a challenge, but I knew her full attention was focused on me.

I smiled back at her and tried my best line, “Do you come here often?”

No answer, but she cocked her head to the other side and stopped panting.

“Is that darned mutt yours?” A greasy man had come out of the office.

“No,” I said, “she just came over to say hi.”

“It’s been hanging around since this morning.  It won’t let anyone git near and it hasn’t gone near anyone else, so I thought it was yours.”

“Nope, but she is a cutie.”

“Grab it if you can,” he yelled, “I’ll take it to the pound.”

I held my hand out with my index finger up, “Hang on a minute.”

I turned back to the dog; she was still waiting, watching me.  I squatted down, keeping my distance and asked her, “Are you friendly?”

She offered me her right paw.  It was white, like the rest of her feet, and elegant.

I stretched out and took it, being as gentle as she looked.  “Nice to meet you, I’m Marty.”  I released her paw.

“She’s wearing a collar,” I called out to the man.   It hung loosely around her neck; a blue plastic tag with lettering was attached.

“Can I read your tag?” I asked her.

She scooted closer to me, stretched out and gave me a light kiss on the corner of my mouth.  She sat down with her tag now in easy reach.

I grasped the tag, turned it and read aloud, “I AM YOURS.”

She woofed at me in agreement.  I felt a big grin break out on my face.   I stood up and opened the door of my truck, “Okay, if that’s how it is, load up.”

She leaped, light as a feather, up into the driver’s seat, hopped across to the passenger seat and sat down, looking like she owned the place.  I noticed that she didn’t have a tail.

I waved over to the man, “Yeah, she is my dog, I just didn’t know.”

He looked disgusted, flapped his hand in our direction and stalked back into his office.

A ray of sunshine broke through the clouds and shone on my truck, giving it a glowing aura. A light breeze brought freshness to the air.  I looked up and a rainbow caught my eye, standing out from the mostly cloudy sky.

Next – Chapter Two


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