Writing prompt #2

Same rules, five minutes writing after thinking about it…


Pat knew for a long time that a clairvoyant gift was both interesting and dangerous.  He didn’t know whether to trust it at first.  In fact he didn’t know what the pictures flashing in his mind meant.  It had first started happening after his voice changed, five years ago.  Touching somebody would cause a flash in his head; at first it worried him because these were dark flashes, maybe caused by a brain tumor.

But when he flashed on his best friend Bryan scoring a touchdown in their flag football game and it actually happened, realization dawned on him.  He started paying more attention to these flashes, especially when they involved girls.  His first girlfriend appeared to him when he brushed up against her outside of Algebra class.  They were kissing in his flash.  He turned back and caught up to her and asked her out right then.  This had worked many times in the following years, but no relationship had ever lasted.

But now he was worried, seriously worried.  All of his flashes the last few days had been blank, even from his family.  When he left school today, he’d given Bryan a high-five and flashed a blank.  What did it mean?  Was his gift leaving him?  Would he no longer be able to see a future?

He was so focused on himself that he did not see the bus when he stepped into the street.


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