First Goldfinches of the year.

A pair of Goldfinches showed up on our deck railing today, the first of the year.



We only had kid two’s iPhone to take a picture, I had left my good camera in the car.

We had been spreading patio mix bird food on the railing.  We could see all the birds eating by looking out of the kitchen and bedroom windows.  Then we saw that Bode had figured this out and he’s big enough to stand up and eat the seed off of the railing.  Too much bird seed makes him sick, so we were limited to the winter feeders

Winter feeder.

Winter feeder, a cut out milk jug.

and putting seed on the shelf just outside the kitchen window.

The winter feeders were created because the weather was too harsh for our metal feeders, but we still had birds toughing out the winter.

In the top picture, I put a tuna can on the post cap, anchored with a small nail.  I put feed in there and it’s high enough that Bode can’t reach it, just a temporary solution.


Still waiting for the Grosbeaks to come back.

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