Tell me you haven’t ever done something like this…

Abby is our deaf rescue Australian Shepherd.  She LOVES to nap with the wife on the bed.

Australia Shepherd on the couch.

Picture this on the bed



Anyway, I came into the bedroom, the wife is resting and Abby is spread out on my side of the bed, sound asleep.  I had just given the other pack members a couple of treats and wanted Abby to get her share.

Abby, being deaf, doesn’t wake up when we come in the room.  Usually if I come near her, her sense of smell picks us up and she wakes up, especially if I have a treat in my hand.  But this time she is zonked, and dreaming.  I stand next to her and watch her do her little dream shakes, so cute.  Ears wiggle, feet twitch, eyes roll, and body tremors.

I smile and keep the other pack members back so they don’t wake her up.  Then I hold the treat up to her nose, this almost always works after a few seconds.  Nothing, she’s still twitching.  I wait almost a minute.  Then I reach down and pick up her side lip and lodge the treat between her cheek and gum, like a chaw (tobacco chew).  I step back.

No reaction for almost another minute with some dream actions still going on.  I imagine her dream has to be about food now.

Suddenly, she leaps to her feet, spins, locates Mom and starts sniffing her frantically.  She knows there is food present and she has to have her share.  After about fifteen seconds of crazy sniffing she opens her mouth and the treat falls on the bed.  Now she can locate it with her incredible nose and she gulps it down, sniffs around a bit more, and lies down to go back to sleep.

Oh well, maybe you had to be there… but it was funny.


5 thoughts on “Tell me you haven’t ever done something like this…

  1. Queen of Zoom

    We’ve done similar with Mr B, our deaf elderbull, but not to the point of actually having to put the treat in his mouth. He’s so food motivated usually the small alone wakes him up!

    1. PAT Post author

      That’s why I was so surprised that Abby was so deeply under. She was on the streets for a bit and has massive food issues. I don’t usually have to go that far, walking into the room with a treat is often enough.


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