The wife is getting better, but it’s taking too long – so she says.

Bode is crazy.  He’s just so funny.  I was on the road and called the wife at home.  Two times she didn’t answer.  I tried a third time and she answered.  She had her phone on vibrate on the table next to her and was watching TV and didn’t notice it.  The third time I called, Bode came over to the table and nosed the phone.  That got the wife’s attention.

We had one hell of a hailstorm tonight.  Awesome!  Lasted for about 15 minutes and coated the street and deck with hail.  It was coming down hard enough that it hurt to be outside unprotected.  We had the weirdest cloud formation off to the sunset, the wife wondered if it was a tornado, but I don’t think so.  I tried taking pictures of the clouds from the front yard, but that was when I was getting damaged by the hail.

Oh, lightning and thunder preceded the hailstorm, close by.  Fun, but not for Stella she doesn’t like loud noise and gets antsy.

That’s all, just a quick update.  Oh, at least I caught up on my WordPress class, but behind in my other class.

Good Night all.


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