Way behind on everything…

Ever feel this way?

The wifes gall bladder problems and subsequent rash has set us back.

It’s time to check on the bills… make sure nothing has fallen through the gaping chasms.

Income tax – OMG!  Four days to finish that up.

Guitar practice, haven’t been able to do more than an hour a week or so.  This is my fault, as always, I need to make the time.

Online classes:  Only three that I’m behind in now.  It’s really only two though, I’ve dropped one of them because I got so far behind, the Adv. Fiction writing class.  I had signed up for another one to restart, but the system dropped me out of it, can’t be in two at the same time apparently.

This blog:   My original thread was about how I started writing, I need to pick that one up again.  My gall bladder thread needs to be taken up, I left it with the wife going into surgery.  Then there is the life/love/family/dog thread that is ongoing.  This blog is meant to be for practice writing, so I need to write.

Friends blogs:  Thoughtdivers, Ann Linquist, and others.  I need to participate, show them love and all that.

And writing.  I need to write.  I made a little progress on “The Dog” on the airplane trips to and from Santa Cruz but that is not enough.

The pack needs more attention.  As the weather gets better with Spring and Summer we will be outside and working/playing.  They will love that.

The yard… grass is growing again and the project list is getting longer.  Rain rain go away, at least for a little while.

Have a great day!


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