A really great day today!

So, plans were set and actually carried out.

We got our A list boarding passes.

Picked up the kids and headed out for lunch.  Being a Sunday around noon in a college/touristy town we, of course, picked the busiest cafes to look at for lunch.  Much like last night we drove around town for a while looking for an uncrowded place for lunch.  After three locations found by the GPS all showed crowds waiting outside on the sidewalks, I made the command decision to “get out of town”.

We were going to visit a winery out in Soquel, The Soquel Vineyards and Winery, about six miles out of Santa Cruz, so we headed that way.  We exited Highway 1 and took a right turn into Capitola which is another little beach town in Santa Cruz county.  Mistake, it was just as crazy as Santa Cruz.  So, another command decision to just head for Soquel on the other side of Hwy 1.

A short drive up the road and we saw a nice Mexican restaurant that called us in.  We sat out on the balcony overlooking a small creek, all by ourselves.  A few ducks were feeding and swimming on the creek, a nice atmosphere.  The chips and salsa came and they were excellent, fresh chips along with a hot salsa and a milder chunky salsa.  We ordered and ate.  Good food, leaving us all satiated.

On to the winery.  It was a five minute drive up the hill at twenty mph.  We passed a few other vineyards on the way, but we had a specific destination in mind.  Nice place, Soquel Vineyards and Winery.  We had a choice of inside or outside tastings, with the outside tasting being the Reserve Wines.  We decided on the less expensive inside tasting.

Five very good wines, one white and four reds.  We all had our individual favorites of course.  They were good enough that we are investigating joining their wine club and getting shipments every month.  No extra details at the moment.  Maybe a longer post later when I can get the camera hooked up.

A nice drive home and we dropped the kids back at school to give them a chance to do more homework and the wife a chance to rest.

Dinner time!  Picked the kids up again and decided to go out on the Santa Cruz wharf to a fish restaurant for dinner.  Riva Fish House.  Place is great!  We fried calamari, Cajun clam linguini, broiled salmon and spinach lasagna, all being excellent.  Espresso and gelato for dessert.   Plus we got to drive and park on the wharf.  No sea lions barking, maybe it was too late.

Then we dropped the kids off and came back to our room.  Flying out tomorrow morning, but we’ll see the kids quickly in the morning to say goodbye before we head for the San Jose Airport.

Good night!


One thought on “A really great day today!

  1. travel

    Having your own vineyard and winery can make one’s trip more memorable. They have a sip of wine including kosher and organic, and some burnt taste. The whole demo takes about 30 minutes.


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