Spoiled Dog? Not our Abby.

Abby the deaf rescue, as I may have written before, is our dog that knows the least about doggie rules.  Doggie rules being the rules of the pack.  For example, if one of the pack is chewing on a bone (nylabone)  you don’t take it away, but if it’s left alone for even a second, it’s a free agent.

Our pack of Australian Shepherds

Stella, Bode, Bruin and Abby… begging.

Abby, being a rescue, was out on the streets for some period of time so she has some food issues.  She had to eat in her crate instead of out with the pack.  Messy chew treats had to be cleaned up, the kind the dogs would hold between their paws and chew.  The smells left on the paws sometimes set Abby off.  When we first got her we couldn’t even give treats to the pack unless we separated her.  She couldn’t help clean a plate with the others.

She has gotten better over time, with patience from the pack and us.  Food rules at least.

One other rule we had before Abby was no pack members on the couch.  Abby was very well trained by her previous owners.  We were very pleasantly surprised.  Being deaf and having vision problems would have made her a bit of challenge to train.  And in spite of her food issues, she still has the gentlest mouth when taking treats.  But she didn’t have a stay off the furniture bone in her body.  And we were weak and let her win that battle, it’s a little harder having to get up to get her off the couch rather than just telling her.  The writing rule, ‘Show, don’t tell’, had to apply to her.

What started me thinking about Abby again was seeing this last night.

Australia Shepherd on the couch.

Snuggled on the couch.

Australia Shepherd on the couch.

Abby happy and oblivious.

The throw pillows originally were put there to discourage the pack from jumping on that couch.  But Abby evidently thought they were there for her…


6 thoughts on “Spoiled Dog? Not our Abby.

  1. Lori D

    Abby sure is comfy. Wow, all those Aussies look like heaven, and in such a beautiful part of the country too. If you checked out my blog, I have a rescued Australian Shepherd too. I’m too high strung for more than one. I got my first Aussie (dog) in 1998 and he stole my heart. He is remembered on my blog. These dogs are something else. Thank you for sharing yours. I’m always up for an Aussie story. Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting.


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