Bode and socks

No socks is not a cat, it is more than one sock.

I tend to wear my socks as slippers.  If I’ve been out I don’t come home and take my socks off.  I take my shoes off and wander around the house in my socks.  Bedtime comes and the socks last until I’m warm in bed and then they get discarded at the side of the bed.  Yeah, they have been known to accumulate there… until Bode sees them.

Bode, Australian Shepherd with socks

Bode with two socks, having just dropped one

He’s been known to carry as many as four socks around in his mouth.  He piles them up and manages to pick them up a one big ball of socks.

Once spotted, I point my finger at him and say, “J’accuse!”  And he starts doing the guilty dance, growling and wiggling, showing me his teeth around the socks, his big smile.  But he doesn’t drop the socks.

That’s when Stella gets in the game, she can’t stand Bode getting all of the attention.

Stella and Bode tug, Australian Shepherds

Stella and Bode tug

Now, they know they’re not supposed to play with ‘good’ socks and Bode doesn’t, he just carries them around.  But once a sock is ‘old’, with a hole in it, it gets knotted up and they have a temporary tug toy.

As soon as they start chewing on a sock, it goes away.  We don’t want them eating them.

Occasionally we come across random piles of socks in the hallway or living room and we know that one, dad had left socks on the floor in the bedroom and two, Bode has raided the bedroom.

Good Morning to all, time for me to do some classwork.


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