Couple new ‘pack’ pictures.

The wife took a couple of pictures of the pack keeping us in line today.  Stella is in the living room, Abby by the dining room table and the boys in front.

Australian Shepherd pack

The Pack

We’re in the kitchen and at the counter, obviously just talking, not making food.  If food was involved the pack would be in the kitchen helping us, especially if we spilled something.

Australian Shepherd tri guys

The Tri-Guys

Closer up on the boys.  The young and the old.  Bruin on the left is 12 1/2 years old and Bode on the right is three.  Can you tell that they like each other?  Bruin still tries to keep up with Bode but I don’t think another young dog could.  Bode keeps Bruin young…

On a writing note, I did work on my story, The Dog, some more today.  It will get there.  I’m still in the middle of an Advanced Fiction Writing class so free writing doesn’t get the time I need to give it.  Maybe I’ll have enough to take to the critique session of the Lewis County Writers Guild this Friday at the Matrix.

Have a good night everyone!


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