Wow… talk about the best leftovers!

Ok, I posted a short blub yesterday about food, a sin I know.

But, today… WOW!

I just made the best sandwich for the wife, so she said, so I had to make another, for me.  She’s working from home so she gets spoiled, just like when she goes to work.

Leftover corned beef, sliced thin, on a torta sandwich roll from CostCo (La Brea bakery).  Horseradish mustard, sliced swiss cheese (another CostCo buy, I slice it myself) and thin sliced red onion.

Best home sandwich ever!  The red onion made it amazing!  Better than double-punch…

Maybe this will fuel some real creative writing this afternoon.

Thanks for putting up with food mentions again.

And, the dogs love the leftover corned beef scraps.


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