Yeah, today is St. Patrick’s Day

We had corned beef and cabbage tonight for dinner.

I don’t know why.  It is some sort of tradition for some people.  Not for us though.  The wife had never made it before.

It was a late decision so off to the grocery store we went, around lunchtime.  We stopped at Arby’s to get in the mood, for shopping that is.  The grocery store had its own little display counter with almost everything needed for the American corned beef and cabbage dinner.  A three pound package of beef brisket, a cabbage head, red potatoes and carrots.  We had to go find the onion.

Home and four hours later, dinner was served!

I guess the point of this post is… dinner was great!

Saint Patrick is one of the patron saints of Ireland.  He spread Christianity to Ireland.  Blue was the original color associated with him.


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