A busy day

It has begun…

The day started like usual on a day the wife goes to work.

life and work

The wife leaves for work.

Bode and I say good-bye from the garage as she drives away.

I walk back in the house to find that Abby has counter surfed and found the butter box that I hadn’t recycled yet.  At least I put the actual butter in the fridge.  She’s torn the box into little pieces, looking for treasure I guess, but it’s just a small cardboard box with nothing.  I clean that up and scold her.

I review my schedule in my head.

My team, UCLA, is playing today in the Pac-12 tournament against Arizona St.  The game is at noon and is on Pac-12 Network TV, which we don’t get at home, stupid DirecTV.

My old Bruins BB shirt.

My old Bruins BB shirt.

So I’ll head down to the local sports bar in Centralia to catch the game.  I don’t hold much hope for the Bruins this year.  Sure they finished atop the Pac-12, but they can’t rebound and don’t play defense–not a winning formula for playoff basketball.  That’s about four hours from now.

Only honey-do of the day is to pay a couple of bills.

I have my guitar lesson at five tonight at the Matrix, but I usually go down a couple of hours early to talk with Rick and anybody else hanging around.


Maggie patiently waiting.

The Matrix is a great place, local ambiance and all.  I need to find an hour or so to practice before my lesson.

Matrix main room

Matrix main room

Oh, guitars… if anyone is ever in the Great Northwest looking to buy or have a guitar worked on this is the BEST PLACE EVER!   Hands on Guitars   Custom workmanship, honest and knowledgeable.

I need to stop at the grocery store… work on a web page for a restaurant… work on class assignments for my two classes and I know I’ve forgotten some things.

Right now the pack is keeping me company in the office, watching out the window for intruders.

Australian Shepherds in the window

Bode and Stella

Time for classwork.  I need to catch up on my Adv. Fiction Writing class.

Good Morning!


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