Anniversary – When/why/how is it important?

The wife and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary today.

Anniversary of what, you should ask.  Go ahead, ask, I’ll wait.  I’ll look at some pictures.

writing, wife, Bode

The wife and Bode at Tumwater Falls


Australian Shepherds

The wife and three pack members: Bruin, Stella, and Bode


I’ll assume that if you’re still reading, you’ve asked.

Today is the 15th Anniversary of our first date.  It was sort of a blind date.  We had never met before, in person.  We had met on the internet two and a half months earlier.  But that’s another story for another time.

It was a simple enough date; she picked me up at the airport, we went to dinner, we went back to her place.  She had the couch all made up for me, it was cheaper than a hotel.  It was a perfect date.

Dinner was at a Mexican restaurant because she knew I liked margaritas.

So today, to celebrate our anniversary, we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  And it was good.

Would I have remembered this anniversary?  I don’t know.  I always know the date, it was a Friday the 13th, in March.  Friday the 13th, who knew it would be a good omen?

I jumped back here to state:  I hate “Hallmark Moments”.  I hate the commercialization of holidays and anniversaries.  The sweetness of an anniversary celebration isn’t giving her a ring from Kay Jewelers, as they want you to believe.  The sweetness is remembering and celebrating the fact that you met 15 years ago and it worked!  And now, 15 years later it’s still working.

I was going to have a deep moment here and talk about the differences in the way men and women treat anniversaries.  The wife remembers dates and celebrates them, thankful for us being us.  I remember moments and treasure that we are who we are.  I think we are both right – and Hallmark and Kay Jewelers are wrong.


5 thoughts on “Anniversary – When/why/how is it important?

  1. museconfuse

    That’s a lovely moment to remember.

    I’m not good with dates. So I’m happy our first date was on 7 aug 2009 – 789 I just remember those 3 numbers. Not as dramatic as Friday the 13th though! My bday falls on the 13 and I’ve always loved when it fell on a Friday!

  2. aussiepat55 Post author

    It’s always good to have a key for your memory. Some good, some bad. Whenever a Friday the 13th happens, it’s a good memory. But, our wedding anniversary leaves us conflicted, we got married on Sept 11… two years before the terrorist attacks…


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