I’ve become a little blogged down on my writing.

My fiction writing anyway.  I started this blog intending to write about my writing.  I started with a few posts summarizing how I started writing.  The story includes the Matrix Coffeehouse, Nanowrimo, and some friends I’ve made.  I need to go back and pick up that thread and tell my story.

But, I’ve stopped writing anything new, besides my blog entries (at least I’m writing, right?).

Bode, Australian Shepherd attention seeker.

Bode asking for attention.

Why?  There are always interruptions, but that’s ok.

We don’t have human children to interrupt us, so our furry ones take up the slack.

Stella Australian Shepherd

Stella in prime position between us.

But back to my writing slowdown.  I started writing with NaNoWriMo as a kick, something to try.  I had a great time doing that, but it led to more:  the Lewis County Writers Guild, the critique group, and my online writing classes where I’m actually trying to learn the craft of writing.  I’ve written a couple of critically acclaimed short short stories (well, acclaimed in my writing class and critique group) but that is all.

After learning more about the craft of writing and having the first chapters of my novel, The Trip, critiqued by the guild members, I went into re-write mode.  There is so much to change and to learn… and then I signed up for more classes, and then, and then, and then…

So, I’ve taken a brief hiatus on creativity and I don’t like it.

But I am excited about turning The Rifle into a longer story, hopefully a novel.  I wrote The Dog for a writing prompt and now I have a whole back story there and want to expand that one.  And, of course, I need to re-write and finish “The Trip”.

During my class, Beginning Writer’s Workshop, I had some doubts about my creative side, being an engineer all of my life.  This class showed me methods for opening up that creative side: galumphing, free writing, prompts, and more.  Best class I’ve ever had!

I don’t want to be one of those flighty people, jumping from one little hobby to another, tasting this and that and never finishing what is started.  I started learning to play guitar a year and a half ago, but now my practice time has dwindled, mostly because I started writing.  So I started writing, but that has dwindled (I like that word) because I looked into wordpress and web pages.  More classes…

Well, what’s next?  Another toe test somewhere else?

I don’t think so.  It’s time to close the circle.  Back to being creative, back to writing, back to practicing guitar, back to blogging, back to learning, back to back.  I can do this circle and intend to.  Pieces can be added without dropping the rest.  I can do this.  I will do this.

I’m having fun.


2 thoughts on “I’ve become a little blogged down on my writing.

  1. lindseygendke

    I relate to “hobby jumping.” Actually, in the past it was my work or, like you, college classes, that I usually let get in the way of my writing. To the point where my husband got frustrated and said he didn’t want me to be an eternal student, or never use my talents to do anything. So now I’m trying, having to keep “corralling” myself back to the dream–because you’re right, it is fun! We need to remind ourselves of that fact often. Good luck!


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