The day is different when the wife goes to work…

Monday, also known as double-punch day in our household.

Today the wife went off to work.  She is a consultant and makes her own hours.

We have a different schedule when she goes to work.

She gets up early and feeds the pack.  They were surprised this morning, daylight savings time has thrown them off.  After they eat and do their morning business, she takes her shower.   When she is done is when I get up.  Nice!  Usually I get up an hour or two before she does.

When the wife is going to work she gets extra pampering.  I make her breakfast.  I make and pack her lunch. I take her bags out to the car.  I start her car and back it out of the garage, today I turned the heater on.  She makes me a list, to use the cliche, a honey-do list.  And she’s off.

I come back in and make my own breakfast.

writing about breakfast

Is my breakfast surprised?

And come to the office to play with the blog.

The tri’s keep me company.

Australian Shepherds - Black Tri's

Under the desk.

It’s time to catch up on my Adv. Fiction Writing class.  I’ve been putting off my school work <sigh>.

Oh, double-punch you ask?  On Monday’s at Taco Del Mar, you get double punches on your rewards card.  So on Mondays when the wife works, I usually go there to get a burrito for lunch.  And get my card double-punched.


4 thoughts on “The day is different when the wife goes to work…

  1. lindseygendke

    Can you train my husband to make me breakfast? You sound like a swell guy! Right now I don’t ever “go” to work; I “stay” for work at my house, so hubby gets the pampering as he heads out the door. But sometimes I think people are confused about who really does the work;) Would be nice to have an every-other-day arrangement or something. Enjoy your burrito; interesting blog!

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