A Critique Session

Last night I attended a Critique Group meeting of the Lewis County Writers Guild at the Matrix Coffeehouse.


Matrix main dining room and stage

We met in the little front room (no picture) that is separate from the main dining room and stage.  Eight members attended and five readings were done from 3 novels, a screen play and a very short story.

The very short story was mine, The Dog, and I was scheduled to read last.  This story is the result of a writing prompt from Ann Linquist’s blog.

The first four readers used up our allotted two hours with good stories and received hopefully useful critiques.  But I was desperate eager to receive some feedback on my story, so I begged asked them to indulge me for a few minutes so I could read.

It is a rough draft since I had not edited it since the first writing; but I love the story and wanted to bounce it off my fellow guild members to see their reactions and explore expanding to a longer short story or even a novel.

It went well, I got a couple of laughs, a few smiles and a lot of nods, as they scribbled their notes.  Then around the table it went, everyone voicing their comments.  Very positive!  They liked the mystery of the dog.  They wondered about Marty and his state of mind, but they liked him.  They liked the dog.  They liked the possibilities.  They liked the humor.  They didn’t like the adverbs.  They did give helpful comments and advice.

I felt great!  This group is so positive to interact with.  They will give critical critique, but in a positive way.  I’m very happy to have found them.

More to come as I expand my story and learn more about Marty and The Dog and share with you.


“Be in love with your life.” 


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