We have a bald eagle in our valley.

I call him Chuck, while the wife insists on the more formal Charles.  We took these pictures a few weeks ago after seeing him for the first time.  He hunts from a few trees in a little valley close to our house.  It’s on our main route into town, so we look for him almost every day.

Chuck, an American Bald Eagle

Keeping an eye on his domain.

He’s been pretty easy to spot so far this year.  His trees stand almost naked allowing him easy sight lines for prey.

Chuck, the bald eagle.

A view from a distance, Chuck is in the middle.



Did you know that a Bald Eagle’s feathers weigh about twice as much as it’s bones?





There is a small creek that runs through this valley.  It never quite dries up and when we have a good rain, like yesterday, it’s full and happy.

Bald Eagle Chuck

Salzer Creek and Chuck’s trees.

The valley is sure to provide plentiful food for Chuck.  One day I did see a second bald eagle in the trees, so maybe romance is blooming.  We’re hoping he finds his significant other and they settle down in the valley.

Bald Eagle valley.

Chuck’s valley, perfect for bald eagles.


Did you know that several eagles soaring in a thermal together is described as a “kettle of eagles“?




I hope to see a kettle of eagles someday.


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