My Own State of Grace

Last night I was snuggling on the sofa with our oldest dog, Bruin. He had his twelfth birthday in July and I’m in the process of planning his party to celebrate when he becomes a teenager.  He’s the old man of our pack. I snuggle with him a lot. I celebrate every day with him.  He’s very cuddly and soft and kind of “smooshy.”  Plus, I really like the way he smells like home.

Like all old men, Bru is losing his hearing so it’s best if I am close to him when I speak.  He sort of reminds me of my Uncle Hank.  He hears…just not clearly.  Like the time I was watching an award show with Hank and the announcer said, “…and the nominees are…”  Uncle Hank asked, “Huh? What did he say?” I repeated louder, “THE NOMINEES ARE…”

Uncle Hank looked at the woman on the…

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