1st day of Fake Spring here.

When I got up this morning to feed the dogs and take them out front it was cold.  Not cold like the Northeast, but colder than it’s been for a while.  Frost was on the grass; but at least that meant it wasn’t muddy.  I checked our outdoor thermometer, 31 degrees F was the low for the night.  It was up to 32 at 6:30, not many clouds in the sky.  Maybe no rain today.  Have I mentioned that we live in southwest Washington state?  Sure, no rain…

The wife and I decide we’re staying in today.  She’s making cookies and brownies to send to her dad and our boy who is away at school.  I’m going to work on writing, blogging, net surfing and my online classes.  Maybe practice my guitar for a while.

The morning passes peacefully.  For lunch I make tuna.  I decide I want sandwiches, the wife has hers with saltine crackers, a great combo I showed her.  Tall cold glasses of milk wash down our meal and we are content.

The wife checks the thermometer, it’s 60 degrees out!  WTH?  It’s sunny and dry, it’s the first day of Fake Spring!  The wife opens the back gate to give the dogs yard freedom.  I get my yard sneakers on and start on some outdoor chores for the first time this year.  Of course I mix in some frisbee playing with the dogs.


The shed last spring, and a garden box.


Abby, our double merle rescue

Various little chores take me to different parts of the yard.  The shed is near our only shared property line, I head over there and the dogs follow.  While I’m storing some tools I notice that Abby, our deaf almost blind escape artist is heading down the fence line.

She’s the one that caused us to chain the back gate shut because she would push through it and mysteriously break out of the yard.  We found her a couple of times out on the road; a private road with minimal traffic, but it still scared us.  I couldn’t find where she was getting out.

So I’m watching her walk the fence and she stops, noses open a loose piece of the wire and squeezes through the fence.  How an almost blind dog can find this spot, consistently, when I couldn’t, amazes me.

I run down there, since I can’t call her, and toss a dirt clod and hit her butt as she’s walking away into the neighbor’s yard.  She turns around, squinting guiltily, and comes back to the fence where I can grab her and pull her back through.

Now I have my first Fake Spring real chore, I have to repair our fence, and make it Abby-proof.  Some spare wire fencing, a staple gun and a hammer and an hour later the job is done.

Enough work, I clean up and go back and throw the frisbee for Bode and Stella, with Bruin running around some barking.

Bode with frizz, with Bruin and Beaner.

Bode with frizz, with Bruin and Beaner.

A wonderful day.

I wonder if Fake Spring will extend into tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “1st day of Fake Spring here.

  1. aussiepat55 Post author

    Thanks… it was a scary few days last year when we couldn’t figure out how she was getting out. Locking them out of the yard wasn’t good for pack.


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