Dog people

No, it’s not some mutant crossbreed.

We are dog people, the wife and I.

Stella like pillows

Stella like pillows

Tell me the picture of Stella and the wife sleeping isn’t cute… Just try…

How are we perceived though?

Other people, the non-dog people, have varying opinions of dog people.  But mostly they aren’t important.  They put up with us, we put up with them.  It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends or anything like that, but there is a difference.

Some of my best friends are Other people.

I started thinking about dog people this morning when the wife brought me a cup of coffee.  The mug is a gift from some of our dog friends back in LA.

Bode drinking from Bode mug.

Bode drinking from Bode mug.

Now Other people may look at this picture and think it’s weird or disgusting that we would drink from a mug that a dog drank from.  C’mon people, this is a posed picture because we think it’s cute.  The mug does get washed you know.  Clean as cold water can get it.

Bode actually drinks from a mug with my picture on it.  True story, just ask the oldest daughter.

I’ve been a dog person since my mom brought home our first Australian Shepherd, Digger, when I was 11.  That’s more than a few decades ago.  He was the original smartest dog in the world.  There have been many since.

My dogs are companion dogs.  They are always with me anywhere they are allowed.  Right now, Bode is under my desk at my feet.  Stella is lying on the window chest, watching the yard.  Bruin is lying down in the rectangle of sunlight in the middle of the room.  Abby is chewing on herself, carefully out of range, in the hallway just outside the door.  Stella and Bode make shopping trips with me when I go to Home Depot or The Farm Store.  Sometimes the choice is, take a dog or stop for lunch along with my errands.  I’m almost ashamed to admit that I stop for lunch sometimes…

Good Morning!


3 thoughts on “Dog people

  1. Marcela

    Good morning to you too:) The pictures are super cute. Other people, those that do not have dogs, will never understand us, but that’s ok because I think we also have a hard time understanding how a person cannot want a dog in his/her life:)

  2. Nichole

    Personally speaking, I think “Dog People” are the best people. It takes something special to be a dog person. Those others… well, they are just missing out. My girls are my happy… Each day to wake up with their doggy noses and kisses is truly a blessing. I can’t nor want to imagine my life without that unconditional love.
    btw, I am glad I finally found your corner of the interwebs! 🙂 I think I had been looking at the wrong site for a couple of days there!

    1. aussiepat55 Post author

      Nichole, I think it was directing you to a class project? Pets to Go? I’m trying to fix that. Glad you found this!
      Also check out “My Own State of Grace”, I think you’ll like that one too. You may notice some pictures of my dogs there… it’s my wife’s blog!


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