Writing prompts for the first time.

The week after the Lewis County Writers Guild (LCWG) critique meeting came the LCWG  monthly meeting.  LeeAnn and I came to participate and join.  Holly was there, but got busy with Matrix work.  I mentioned that Holly, Rick and Moon run the place and are the only employee’s.  So the whole guild meeting consisted of LeeAnn, me, Larry and Amy.  Larry we were meeting for the first time and Amy had been at the critique group.

After a little pseudo Guild business and chatting it was decided that the exercise for the night would be 10 minute writing prompts.  Never done anything like that before, gulp!  We came unprepared of course and had to borrow some paper.  I can’t remember the last time I wrote longhand, I’m so used to keyboarding on some form of computer.

But, amazingly enough, I could make up silly little relevant stories in the time allotted.  I wish we had kept the pages we’d written but I think we took them out and talked about them at home and then the spouse cleaned up and they are gone forever.  The prompts were silly, “Suddenly you are naked.”  “A light goes on.” and a couple of others.  To one of the unknowns I wrote about an odd little tea shop… I think the prompt had a mouse in it.

The great thing I see about this exercise now, is that it was a great tool that allowed my creative side to run wild.  It had too, we only had 10 minutes, and that was not enough time for my critical side to interfere.  I find out more about this later, in the writing workshop I took online.


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