More on the writing challenge

In the late afternoon, we were gathered in the front room at the Matrix.   November 2nd, the beginning of the month for NaNoWriMo.  Holly was leading the group but it turned out that she was only editing her three previous NaNoWriMo novels, she told us she was writing to entice us to join up.  Pretty sneaky!  LeeAnn and I were there along with a couple of others.  We all had our laptops out, clicky clicking, around the table in the front room.

It’s an interesting feeling, to sit in a small room with everyone focused on their laptops and writing.

But where to go with my story, I had no idea what I was doing.

I actually took a trip across country the summer after I graduated from High School.  My best friend Frank and I went.  We had a few adventures but the trip was too short due to a blown number three cylinder and Frank missing his girlfriend and wanting to get back to her.  We did make it almost across the country, making it to Toronto and upstate NY before turning back.

I took that trip as an idea and immediately changed everything so it is pure fiction.

And I started free-writing, this was my first draft.


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