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This is Bruin, a good boy. He’s 12. I picked him for my first blog picture.


I started Writing on a challenge

Sort of.  Kind of.

I have a place in town where I like to hang out.  It’s called The Matrix Coffeehouse.  It’s run by Rick, Holly and Moon, good people all.

One day around the end of October last year I was down at the Matrix talking to Holly.  She asked me if I’d ever heard of NaNoWriMo.  I had not.  So Holly told me a little bit about it, National Novel Writing Month.  Your goal is to write 50 thousand words of a novel in the month of November.  Free writing with no editing, no revisions; that’s for later.  Just get at least 50,000 words written.  Naturally I thought of my wife, who is a writer, and told Holly I’d talk to LeeAnn about it.

In the process of trying to convince LeeAnn to participate, I told her if you do this, I’ll do it too.  Well, as I suspected, this was too good a lure for her to turn down.  The idea of doing anything together is just too strong a pull, both for her and I.  Now she always has stories popping out of her head and the night before she had dreamed up another new one.  Literally dreamed it, the story came to her in her sleep.

Okay, now what was I going to write?  I had no idea.  Since school, I’ve never written a creative story.  I don’t think I have a creative side, that’s LeeAnn’s job.  She’s the creative one and I’ve always told her that.  The only thing I could think of was to write a story loosely based on a trip I had taken, with my best friend, in the summer after we graduated from high school.  There were some good stories there, but mostly I could use it as an outline to make a lot of shit up.

And so it began.

Only the beginning

I’m exploring the possibilities of having a website along with a blog.  Mostly to have somewhere to write when I don’t feel like writing or revising my novel, or my other novel, or my other novel.  Of course I could be expanding the short stories that led into these novels, but I guess I don’t feel like that right now either.

I have so much to learn about writing that I haven’t been writing anything new.

Except this and that’s enough for now.  Not an epic first post but it is a good placeholder.